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Labor Relations Reseach Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Labor Relations Reseach - Research Paper Example Predominantly, in the heavy industries of south west and the north east, another get natured in the thriving consumer industries of the east, southern coast provinces (Beik, 2005). This has steered to the rise of two new labor movements. State sector workers have complained and struck to shield their jobs, while in foreign-owned and private factories, dismal conditions and dictatorial management are matters that have provoked insurgency. The largest and the most dramatic labor protests in China get induced by laid-off workers against the regularly corrupt and illegal methods in which their enterprises get sold off, or for owing unpaid benefits, which they remained entitled to. Nevertheless, their radicalism happens at the moment of departure from the working classes when they do not anymore have the power to halt production. However, there has been a rising trend for workers to be against the corrupt conditions in which their enterprises get privatized, and to leap in before they get laid off (Pringle, 2010). Deng Xiaoping agreed as many western academics ostensibly do not, that not only is there no essential connection between political and economic liberalism, but the realization of China’s economic success has been reliant on political repression to subdue the inevitable dissatisfaction (Oxford University, 2011). When tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square in 1989, he described the frightening logic behind the resolution: â€Å"Even if we sacrifice 10 to 20 thousand persons, we must exercise control above the situation of the country and get twenty years tranquility in response†. However, workers showed to be far stronger than Deng expected, with strikes recounted even in the 2nd half of 1989. The most significant feature of the growing industrial disturbance is that for the first while since 1948, strikes have become an undying feature of Chinese society. In addition, unlike the past, this has occurred at a time of agreement among the leadership o f Communist Party (Oxford University, 2011). For instance, the Chinese Honda Motor Company faced the worst strikes in its 18-year-old manufacturing business. The company said it needed to develop communication with its employees in the nation after the strikes took the company by shock. Honda, Japanese second - largest automaker, made the report after strikes at 2 suppliers in China paused its car output in China for the first time and required the company to raise their wages. Another third strike, at Honda Lock (Guangdong) Company, Guangdong province, got suspended for the union leaders and management to negotiate over pay. There are no effective networks in China for management and workers to negotiate, said Crothall Geoffrey, a Hong Kong-based China Labor Bulletin advocacy group spokesman. Discussions between the two parties get handled by government - associated union officers who can not selected by the workers. Honda is trying to construct a system that will facilitate a flow of communication between workers via managers to Honda management team and Japanese company officials (Beik, 2005). The first measure to be taken by the company was increasing its wages as demanded by the striking workers. Before any communication developments, the company had to solve the underlying problems of the strike which primarily included wages increment. After ward, the company had

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