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Traditional White Wedding Gown And Church - 898 Words

Traditions, beliefs, and family structure vary from culture to culture or even person to person. In the short story â€Å"Two ways to Belong in America† is about two sisters from India and their individual perspectives on culture, beliefs and traditions in India and America. America means â€Å"freedom† and â€Å"land of opportunity†. In our American culture, we have many opportunities afforded to us in regards to our freedom to choose and one’s education. In America, one’s family does not pick or choose who you marry. One can choose to have the traditional white wedding gown and church wedding or get married at the courthouse. The average age of an American woman to get married is twenty-four and the male is twenty-six. After getting married, a majority of women continue to work since most American households require two incomes. Even when married, American women still maintain their autonomy throughout the rest of their life. Most married couples divide the household duties in order to maintain stability in the home. However, in some American homes the man stays home while the wife works and he essentially becomes â€Å"Mister Mom†. In â€Å"Turkeys in the Kitchen†, Dave Barry writes about himself and his friend. I also realize that there are some males out there, with hyphenated last names, who have advanced much further then Gene and I have, who are not afraid to stay home full time and get coated with baby vomit while their wives work as test pilots, and who go into the kitchen on aShow MoreRelatedCultural Weddings3169 Words   |  13 PagesA wedding is the marriage rite in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is followed by a wedding reception. Music, poetry, prayersRead MoreDifferent Marriage or Wedding Practices in Countries2911 Words   |  12 PagesDIFFERENT MARRIAGE OR WEDDING PRACTICES IN COUNTRIES: I. Africa:   1. In some African tribes, the bride and groom have their wrists tied together with cloth or braided grass to represent their marriage. 2. To honor their ancestors, some Africans pour Holy water, or alcohol, onto the ground as prayers are recited to the ancestral spirits. 3. The bride wears a veil made of plaited hair which represents reserve.   4. The people present wear traditional regional costumes.  Ã‚   5. TheRead MoreWedding Plan For A Wedding950 Words   |  4 Pages Wedding planners have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They cater to many new couples every day. A wedding planner has to be very careful about how to plan a wedding for a couple. They are supposed to be aware of the couples feeling, desires, and anything else to design a wedding perfect for the couple. In lesson one some of the qualities that are outlined I feel apply to me a great deal. One thing for instance is being organized and doing more than one things at a time. I can organizeRead Moreresearch paper marriage tradition1355 Words   |  6 Pagescustom, meanings behind the marriage and wedding routines are vary. Chinas traditional idea of marriage is believed in â€Å"accommodate to the harmonious† philosophy (I Ching: Book of Changes, Fu Xi). It is not only a deal between two people but also related to their families and social relationship. On the other hand, Americans believes that marriage is gift from God and means that couples are combined in one. However, no matter in what the culture, a wedding is always full of blessing and happinessRead MoreIntroduction Of Ireland s National Symbol1282 Words   |  6 Pagescountry of Ireland’s national symbol is the harp; this can be seen on flags throughout the country as well as on the presidential seal. The nati onal flag is green, orange and white, each color has a different meaning, the green is for the older Gaelic tradition or Roman Catholic, the orange is for the Protestant majority and the white is a symbol to show how the two different religions co-exist in peace. The National Anthem of the country is the â€Å"Soldiers Song† and consists of three verses and a chorusRead MoreWrite a descrptive essay on a wedding you attended.1474 Words   |  6 PagesThis day I will marry my best friend The one I laugh with, Live for, dream with, Love... When I read the cover of my best friends sisters wedding invitation, I knew the occasion would be magical - bringing two people who loved each other very much, together at last. I met Effie when I was about twelve. She had just come from Greece and joined our church. However, it was about four years after that she became more than just an acquaintance. In my junior year of high school, she came to my schoolRead MoreStyle of Living of Badjao1452 Words   |  6 PagesSabah, Malaysia. Lepa means boat in the dialect of east coast Bajau. In this festival, Bajau people decorate their boats with colorful flags. Many Bajaus of the east coast retain their seaborne lifestyle, together with remnants of traditional pre-Islamic beliefs. Traditional Bajau communities may have a dukun (i.e. a shaman) and may adhere to taboos concerning the treatment of the sea and other cultural aspects. Among the boat-dwellers in particular, community spirit mediums are consulted at leastRead MoreEssay on Wedding Traditions 1482 Words   |  6 Pagesand rights to land in the time of death as well as for protecting blood lines. In the U.S. marriage has adapted to satisfy contemporary expectations. Cross cultural weddings are also accepted and incorporate different religious beliefs and tradition. Biracial weddings are also accepted by the majority of the U.S. cultures. The wedding tradition is a globally known concept, where each culture has their unique customs and traditions. Much of our background originated from numerous cultures. We practiceRead MoreFrench Wedding Traditions Dictate That The Bride3581 Words   |  15 PagesIn France, they don’t date but have more of a relationship. There aren’t prearranged dates and aren’t always one-on-one. French wedding traditions dictate that the bride cannot be approached with a proposal of marriage without the consent of her father. The father of the bride permits a man to propose to his daughter after examining his social and economic standing. The consent of the bride is almost never considered. If the bride accepts the proposal, the father negotiates the settlements with theRead MoreThe Wedding Of Marvin And Emily1863 Words   |  8 PagesThere are many traditions that go into an American wedding. My family had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Marvin and Emily Murphy in October of this year. The bride Emily and my family have known each other for the past four years, we attend church together. In the American culture one of the most important traditions among women is the engagement. Most women are very interested in the love story behind the couple and how romantic the event is. Emily met her groom through a mutual

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