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Bayeux Tapestry (Experience-Letter) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Bayeux tapis (Experience-Letter) - Essay ExampleThe Bayeux Tapestry depicts the events pencil lead up to and during the Battle of Hastings. It is a tribute to William the Conqueror and his successful invasion of England, which brought about the end of the Anglo-Saxon reign of England and started the claim of the crown by Norman leaders. (The Bayeux, n. p.)Many colors are used for the creation of this Tapestry. The Bayeux Tapestry tells the story, but its own story remains untold, and if it is told, it lacks veracity. Its origin, the reasons for its origin and its creators are non definitely known. The Tapestry is enmeshed in a web of controversy as for its genesis. Amidst the thick of the battle or immediately afterward the battle in whose mind such a poetic and artistic idea must gift dawned? That individual cannot be a fire-brand, gun wielding general. He could be an art-loving King who has won the battle or a philosopher-historian. Bishop Odo was William the Conquerors half- br round other, and Odo features in the Bayeux Tapestry. As well as being Williams brother, the completed tapestry fits nicely inside the nave of the Bayeux Cathedral, suggesting that the Bayeux Tapestry is designed specifically for Odo and his cathedral. If this is the case, then Bishop Odo would acquire been responsible for O.K. the plans, designs and scenes created for the Bayeux Tapestry. So, religion and politics both play part in the devising of this Tapestry. As I move near the Tapestry and study it from the closest angle possible, I feel as if a spokesperson has materialized from it. and he speaks in a low share that is audible to me only and not to other tourists who have come in a group to see it. That voice says, I am a mere wall-hanging, an object of art to the one who views me thus. Only a few realize the historical facts that go in my creation, the battles that it represents, and I think you are one of them. I am part of the pages of human invoice daubed in bloo dshed. My design is mysterious and my story is appalling. Unless you are serious student of history, a researcher, you will not be able to recognize me. Am I right? Instead of inviting you to identify me, instead of lashing about the bush on the preliminaries related to this tapestry, let me introduce myself to you. Lifestyles have changed the dress codes for the fighting forces have changed. The modern fashion designers will not be able to make the head and tail of our dresses. The voice continues, I am Vital, a vassal of bishop Odo. Army moves and positioning of soldiers is one of the trickiest assignments in the era to which we belong. The moves and countermoves are decided on the basis of day to day reporting by those who are posted in the earlier scouting positions. Just as the tapestry designs change in relation to the fashion trends, the moves in war change as per the demand of the strategy, tactics and allied issues prevailing on the decision making time. I, along with two others, am in charge of supervising the work on the Tapestry. Scouting is of import in that era, to know the battle-ready position of the enemy and to plan the counter moves. I am part of the forward scouting positions. So, while creating the Tapestry, I am in a position to give the exact detail as to the happenings in the battle front. You are amazed to see the type of dress we the soldiers wear and some of the

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