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Child Development Essay

1.2Research holistic training and write an account about your experienceing of this, well(p)-favoured p calamityow slips of how various aspects of development push aside touch one a nonher. Holistic development means that each champaign is dependent on the other to stool sure the nestling develops to their full potential. Development is split into different argonas, Physical, social, emotional, langu hop on and intellectual. Still each area must connect in order for the squirt to develop. For example a boor whitethorn be intellectual but not be able to seize his shoe laces.This is not because the baby bird is incapable of tying his shoes lace but that he has not had to practice the physical skill. Another example is a child necessarily to wear glasses for school day (physical) and other children tease him for wearing glasses which in turn could lower his self-esteem (emotional). This may booster cable to him being isolated from friends as he cannot deal with the teasing (social), he then may sack wearing his glasses to become accepted by his peers. As a result of this he e rattling last(predicate)ow be unable to see clearly which could affect his school work (intellectual).2.1 Research the influences that can affect childrens development.BackgroundThere are different things that can affect childs development in their background. A family break up can be really stressful for a child and can influence development as they can get very upset. The child could react in different ways by either lashing out, discharge very quiet or could in time stop eating and talking as they feel they could feel responsible for their parents break up.As well as a break up effecting a childs development, a childs parent getting a new partner can be similarly as effective. They may not bid the new partner and a authorize can lead to them being aggressive going quiet or not eating. A massive influence in a childs development would be if there was bereavement in the family as the child does not fully understand why that person is no longer in their life and can again cause all of the above reactions.HealthProper nutrition can ask a direct impact on a childs development both physically and psychologically. Appropriate nutrition is related to operable outcomes for children as they get older. In other words, unhealthy eating can lead to weight gain and other negative effects if the child does not picture how to eat healthy early in life. It is stressed that it is the increased duration and intensity of the exposures to healthy eating habits, through both hands-on acquire and leading by example, that really make a positive impact on a childs development.EnvironmentChildren who are surrounded, both at home and at school/daycare facilities, by a strong learning environment that is both informative and supportive may improve their development. A childs environment for example, his family or school plays a huge part in his development. e ntirely stated, a nurtured child impart do better than a deprived child. That may seem like common sense, but you may not realize the little things that make a difference. Some fatigue that a rich privileged child pull up stakes automatically thrive more than a child living in poverty. That is not always the case.2.2 Write an account about the importance of recognizing and responding to concerns in childrens development. Give examples of cases you are aware of. The following things would cause concern about a child or small persons development. If the problem was left untreated then things could get worse, and a clutches in discussion could mean that the outcome is not as good as it would have been if treatment was started earlier.If a child or schoolgirlish person does not talk to anyone or even however speaks a few words compared to others, this may cause concern. This would socially affect the child or unseasoned persons because they would find it hard to make friends, w ork in groups or even act with pornographics. It would also affect their communicational development because they would find it hard to speak to plurality and also may find it hard to listen to instructions. Early intervention would be the best way to respond to this concern, the undertakening(a) step would be to have the child or young persons hearing check because if they have poor hearing they will find it hard to hear people so will not want to communicate with others in case they get something wrong.Poor reading and written material is also another thing to look for. If a child or young person has difficulties with their reading and writing it may cause concern, but this may not be noticeable until the child is around the age of 6 or 7 because by this age they should have learnt how letters are formed and begin to string words together. These are the main skills a child needs to help them develop in all areas.Due to poor reading and writing the child or young person will start to fall behind his peers of the same age. They may find it difficult to interact or make friends with others who are more advanced than them, in case they are bullied etc. They would struggle with their intellectual development not only with the reading and writing, but they would struggle with their memory and even their concentration.3.2 Research and identify other transitions that only some children may experience through life, for example bereavement. intimately children may experience transitions transitions can be long term or short term. Some transitions that most children may experience are likely to be, starting school or changing from one school to another. Some families may live house several times throughout their lives this can affect a child in that they have to try and make new friends and get use to the area in which they will be living.Children and young people have to make very many of their transitions without prior personal experience, and it can sometim es wait to them as a daunting list of firsts first day at school first exam. Most of these changes are dealt with well by most children and young people, as and when they are ready. The experience they gain and the skills they learn in the process equip them to deal with the challenges of life ahead.The diverse range of transitions faced by children and young people intromits starting or moving school puberty bereavement parents splitting up disorder (their own or a parents or siblings) changing friendship groups founding to, or leaving, a pupil referral unit moving through child health services into adult services coming out as gay or lesbian leaving home.Young people and children will need help and support from peers and adults to successfully make the transition to the next stage in their life. The nature and timing and giver of the support will vary depending on the individuals needs and circumstances. Bereavement-the death of a close friend or relative may be very traumatic for a child, when it comes to times of change and transitions you should give children every opportunity to talk about what is going to line up and how they feel.3.3 Describe with examples how transitions may affect children and young peoples behavior and development. Children and young people of course pass through a number of stages as they grow and develop. Often, they will also be judge to cope with changes such as movement from primary to secondary school and, for children with disabilities or chronic ill health, from childrens to adults services. Such changes are commonly referred to as transitions. Some children may have to face very particular and personal transitions not necessarily shared or understood by all their peers.These include family illness or the death of a close relative divorce and family break-up issues related to sexuality credence the process of asylum disability parental mental health and the consequences of crime. It is important to understand a child or young person in the context of their life, to recognise and understand the impact of any transitions they may be going through.

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