Sunday, June 9, 2019

Migrant Workers in North America Research Proposal

Migrant Workers in northward America - Research Proposal ExampleMigrant labor in unlike forms is found in North America, South Africa, India, Western Europe, and the Middle East. In both the Middle East and Europe, migrant labor habitually has been employed for urban instead of agricultural work and entails prolonged durations of residence (Foner, 2001). In contrast, in Northern America, migrant work is inclined for agricultural work, largely during times of harvest. The indispensability for agricultural migrant labor develops from the cyclic nature of yielding (Williams, 2004). Problem Statement The purpose of this study is to highlight the status of migrant workers in North America. Despites migrant labor patterns being present in different segmentations of the globe, non any can be compared with the magnitude and extent of the labor patterns in the United States. Migrant laborers may be move to their work areas by a contractor who is charged with the responsibility of supplyin g the farm owners with the required workers or the migrant laborers may go to the farms by themselves (Frum, 2000). Therefore, this study will investigate all aspects of migrant workers in North America (Hanson, 2006). Significance This study should be conducted so as to help people be decrease familiar with the topic of migrant workers on North America. ... Nevertheless, during the period of 18th and 19th centuries, when slaves were set apologise and the slave trade was outlawed, workers from the foreign areas galvaniseed to be recruited to compensate for the need for low-priced labor (Wright, 2003). In addition, there were a large number of sources for cheap workforce. Laborers from china were among the first people to be transported to North America in considerable numbers. Nevertheless, the federal administration restricted movement migration from this area with the 1882, Chinese Exclusion Act. During the start of the 20th century, individuals from the Philippines and Mexico started to enter North America to work in the farms as cheap laborers. In addition, different sources of low cost agricultural labor in this period came from untrained European migrants (Borjas, 2007)Unlike Philippine, Mexican, or Chinese laborers who came to North America purposefully to provide cheap labor in farms, European migrants did not come to North America to precisely work as laborers (Zimmermann, 2005). Nevertheless, they were employed as laborers in these farms. In addition, numerous a large number of Chinese, European, Philippine, and Mexican immigrants who moved to North America as laborers did so with the objective of finally buying their own lands and farms. Nonetheless, because of the complexity encountered in getting sufficient capital, this objective was frequently not attained. Literature Review In the Northern part, migrant labor travels regularly from south to north after the harvesting period, while in the Southern part migrant labor moves from north to south after harvest. The majority of agricultural laborers travel in well

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