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buy custom The International Students essay

buy custom The International Students essay Introduction The international students pay higher amount than the local students pay for education in the US Universities. Fee Payment in the universities is based on whether one is local or an international student with the local students paying lesser amount than international students. Its unfair for the US intuitions to base their fee charges on the nationality rather than considering other factors such as economic background. As a matter of fact, the influence that the US has in the world should be used to aid students searching for education. The US economy is the biggest in the world therefore it should aid in reducing the poverty level in other countries through educational aid. For that reason, the US universities should make adjustment and consider other factors in charging fee foreign students. The US universities should reduce the fee that they charge the foreign students. Basically the international students play an important role in fostering the research in the higher education research. For instance the career interest of the international students and the US students might not the same all together. The top students in the US tend to choose to study courses in Business and law whereas students from other countries such as China prefer Engineering as the best course therefore presence of these determined students raise the education level of the Americans in such disciplines .The international students are clearly the major drivers in realizing researches in the universities since to them; it is a golden opportunity while the natives take it as a normal learning. Therefore the international students bring encouragement or rather a challenge to the US students. Science has been an area being dominated by foreign students and shun by the best local students; Presence of foreign students therefore raising the standards of education of the natives espe cially on the research. As evident in many US universities, the contribution of foreign students to the research in universities has been outstanding. They have made several economic based researches therefore aiding in national building (Dessoff). The success in the research therefore advances the American innovation in the science. Therefore the foreign students play an important role in carrying the image of the US internationally. The US is then accredited for the work done by the international students which would have gone to other county other than the US. If the universities offer a lower rate fee on the international students, more top brains will be channeled to the US universities therefore increasing the benefit the country gets from the research. The country will be credited for being the best in science yet its actually the contribution of the foreign students that makes everything look good. The students studying in the US are basically the ambassadors of US in their country of origin. Their presence enhance the image of the country international since they preach the good culture of the US internationally therefore changing the bad perception that the US receive in the international community (Dessoff). The US then gains a global image free through the influene of the students. Apart from the US international students participation as ambassadors internationally, they take participate in intercultural exchange with their US counterparts therefore bringing understanding of different cultures among the US students. Basically the image of the country is important as far as security as economic values are concern. For example the goods manufactured in America can be used market by the students back in their home of origin. They can do it by using the products or taking the products therefore creating avenues for the American business internationally. Then it is unfair for the ambassadors to be punished with the heavy fee on the studies yet they do a greater job for the Americans (Anderson).The government should consider their national contribution since its quite important to appreciate their contributions apart form from the fee they are being charged. US universities are facing competition in key academic areas such as science and technical fields from upcoming economies such as China. The amount of fees charged by the US universities reduces students enrollment from other countries. These students instead search for education in other countries such as China. With the trend, the US universities will be overtaken in research and innovation (Dessoff).The influence of the Chinese and other science based economies in education should worry the US education systems since it might the image of being the best destination for the best brains. The competitors offer subsidized education to the foreigners therefore driving the away slowly the US education market as the best destination instead they heads to other markets. Basically the revolution in technology is delicate and requires innovators in your side. It is unfortunate for the US to loose the image being the destination for the top brain to other countries(Anderson). The high fee being charged will only suit the rich foreigners therefore not ripping the best from the foreigners therefore the market remains just normal. Other countries on the other hand create the best offers to the foreigners the best price for their education in a lower cost than in the US. The international students pursuing disciplines as in the business and as well as other art sectors play an important role in making the US culture an used in the international market therefore making the language in business and other sectors be based in the US norms. An international student form the US University becomes professions in the major sector of economy in their countries of origin therefore selling the American system in their countries. The adoption of the American systems is important for the US businesses in penetrating in the international markets. The international students in the United States play an important role for the US in international community. Increase in the number of students from the international community means the country is recognized internationally (Anderson). In that case US gain not only from the fee paid by the students but also in marketing US system of business and policies. International Students faces among other the problems in settling on the teaching modee in the universities. The universities dont have special treatment of these students therefore a consideration should be given when setting the fee structure for the students. It is unfortunate for them to struggle in adapting the university atmosphere yet they very high fee. The instructors dont merge with students as they try to cope with the difference in the culture in the university. Therefore the universities should consider the challenges of the students as they set out the fees structure for them (Zunz, and Oil). For the research in the universities to increase, the fees charged on the international students should be reduced by the US government. According to a report, the number of international students in the post graduate education program is much less therefore the enrollment of the international students mostly lies on the undergraduate program. The fees on the post graduate education are higher therefore most of the international students may not afford the fee. Basically, most of the advanced researches are done by the post graduate groups therefore lack of subsidized education undermines the research and the contribution by the international students in the universities; Therefore level of education in the universities might reduce. The foreign students studying in the universities may loose morale of doing research because of the treatment therefore reducing their level of concentration (Zunz, and Oil). The students studying in the US universities are relatively from poor countries or rather countries below the US economically. Their sources of fee might be hard sought compared to the students from the American families. Though they might be good enough academically, their contribution may not be realized due the higher fee being charged. Education is being compromised for economic values other than the purpose meant for. As indicated by Knight, higher turnout out of the international students does not only affect the United States by maintaining revenue to the intuition but also exposes America to diverse talents in students and faculty. It is therefore better to reduce the fee that each student pays for their university education therefore increasing the foreign admission of students in the universities (Knight). Conclusion The importance of reducing the amount of fees on the international students in US universities is wide. It ranges from the educational importance to the wider economy of the US. Basically the country benefits a lot from the foreign students in the contribution in the research sector and the propagation of the US policies on the international community. For the US to maintain the power of being the best education destination in the world, it should be ready to sacrifice the fee being charged on the foreign students and rather concentrate on the contribution that they offer in terms of good international relations and the US economic growth in general. The US should harmonize and promote the education of the international community by being in the fore front in offering education. Therefore the US universities should collaborate in making the US education the best and affordable in the world. Buy custom The International Students essay

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