Thursday, November 21, 2019

Human Trafficking Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Trafficking - Assignment Example Williamson). International brokers and agents play a significant role in the displacement of human from one place to another or from one country to another. Most of the times, children and women are displaced from one place to another or from one country to another on the promises of bright future and better job opportunities which may be unachievable for them within their own country. However, this group comes to know the reality the time they reach their destination and realize that they have been deceived by the agent and learn the exact nature of the work; they are expected to do in future. Soon they realize that escaping from the situation can be difficult and dangerous for them. Child Labor: Child labor is also a form of illegal abuse and a forced labor that may cause adverse affects on the physical, mental, moral and social development of children and it may hinder the process of their education. According to an observation made by International Labor Organization that there a re approximately 246 million children around the world who are engaged illegal drug trade, forcibly involved in youth militia and armed conflicts, child prostitution and pornography or involved in debt bondage and other illegal activities. Emergence of Youth Militia: In major parts of Africa, children are forcibly recruited in diamond mines and to serve in civil and political wars. The political and civil instability in Sierra Leone has given rise to the army of child soldiers who have maintained their power and authority in the region. This army of children is brutally involved in the killing of thousands of innocent lives, rape, sexual abuse, illegal drug trade and sexual slavery. In third world countries, children and youth have played an important role in giving rise to youth violence. This emerging power of youth is also termed as the establishment of â€Å"Urban youth culture.† In other parts of the world such as Gulf-region which includes Palestine, Israel, Iraq and ot her Middle Eastern countries, we cannot neglect the political and civil instability which has also contributed in the formation of youth militia. Thousands of Palestinian children have lost their lives while transporting, throwing or exploding bombs or other explosive materials. Several groups have been established which comprised of young combatants against Israeli oppression. Furthermore, when mentioning the emergence of youth militia, one cannot ignore the rapid emergence of â€Å"Child Martyrs†. These child martyrs have given a new name to suicide terrorism which is the results of wars. Recruitment of child soldiers is a part of international law which is constituted on the basis of law of wars. According to this law, regulation of child soldiers under lawful recruitment is appropriate only if they are supervised or commanded by someone. It also states a particular age and criteria for the recruitment of child soldiers however; the law does not support the unlawful recrui tment of minors or the use of children in any civil or international war. Human Slavery: Human slavery is a part of human trafficking which allows the illegal trade of human especially women and children for different purposes. Human slavery exists in almost all the cultures and it has been there in the history from ages. Children and women are used forcibly and unlawfully in different

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