Thursday, July 25, 2019

Critically review the role of Planning Manager and assess the impact Essay

Critically review the role of Planning Manager and assess the impact on our business plan - Essay Example Since Annex House is a new bakery to be opened up in the market of Cardiff where other bakeries already exist with proper market shares and acquired base of customers, it is important for the planning manager of Annex House to identify the gaps prevailing in the market of Cardiff and try to position the new bakery house in order to fulfil this gap by catering to the unfulfilled and emerging demands of the customers in the confectionary market of Cardiff, Welsh. Deciding the proper strategies in order to ensure the competiveness, profitability and sustainability of Annex House is critical for aligning the business objectives and goals with the running of the bakery business. Also, implementing suitable strategic decisions and employing a proper strategic management and control in the business would ensure that the bakery house is enabled to meet the set objectives and goals for the business with respect to its operational, financial and other functional aspects. The strategic manageme nt process encompasses devising and incorporating the objectives and goals of the company with respect to the proper consideration of the available resources and capabilities in the business and by carefully assessing the internal as well as the external environment pertinent to the business. Developing a proper strategic management plan would help to decide the future direction of the bakery house and would also help to specify the objectives of the company, develop suitable policies and plans for achieving these organizational objectives and allocating proper resources in order to implement the decisions. This would ensure that the internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business are evaluated in order to make key decisions regarding the strategic management of the bakery house. This would also help in ensuring the

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