Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Dynamics of Design High Street and High Design Essay

The Dynamics of Design High Street and High Design - Essay Example The modern theory sticks to the similar assumption that jeans are a comfort statement, yet it also stresses on the fact that it is a necessity. Here, the modern theory takes off on a more interpretative note. While a pair of jeans are a necessity, the tone for luxury has been set by celebrities lending their names to a line of jeans and other designer jeans that 'fit and look better' than the normal brands. For example, while most people would opt for a pair of Lee or Levis', design high street fashion is achieved with Zara and Marks and Spencers', and high design is achieved by a couture label like Armani or that of Victoria Beckham's. On the other hand, within the modern theory comes the second twist. Here, design high street meets high design to a great extent when a celebrity endorses a certain brand. This can be better understood through the following lines: When something has been perceived, then it has been noted and the message is recorded. In the words of psychologist, W. H. Ittelson and F. T. Kilpatrick, perception can't be definite, of 'what is'. Rather what we perceive is created by ourselves, which is mostly based on past experiences (Arnorld,1992). Also people's perceptions of brand are governed by some factors which are personal and public. It is one of important challenges for an advertiser trying to reach the customers, either by any form of mass communication like newspaper, or television ad so that they could notice it. Even sometimes the consumer miss out some messages directed to them. So the main thing is to give them exposure. (Arnold, 1992, p. 241). For example if all the ads are in colors then a black and white will be noticed. So by this the customers attention can be taken. Awareness: Awareness implies that the message has made an impression on the audience or reader, who can then identify the pair of jeans. Although awareness is a low form of impact, but it is objective of a great ad. Relative low level of attention can create minimum awareness for low interest product (Sudijic,1985). . Brand equity: This is a very important concept from 1990s. This refers to the use of respected brand name to add value to the jeans. Branding is a way to help the customer's memory

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