Friday, October 18, 2019

Discussion Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Discussion Questions - Essay Example Keeping the message simple and straightforward is the key to the best forms of communication. In writing resumes, it is imperative to choose the style of resume that best suits the history that will serve your application to a company. In writing a chronological resume, the way in which an individual’s education and employment history can be developed to portray a strong history of personal achievement. This can show a proper progression toward a career goal. A skills resume will develops a picture of the accumulated skills that a potential employee has to offer a new employer. Gaps in the time period in which education and employment experience reaches toward the career goals of this applicant can be deemphasized and an overall picture of attained experience can be shown. When you know that a job position is available, the form of cover letter that should be used is the solicited letter. The solicited letter is in response to an ad, a referral, or used when the expansion of a company is well known and there is availability of a position. The beginning of this letter will state which position is being addressed, where the information that the position was available was attained, and a summary of the qualifications of the applicant should be included. The letter will end with a request for an interview. In a prospecting letter, it is more appropriate to use a bit of creativity to catch the reader’s interest before moving forward with the idea of the job prospect. In this letter, one is seeking to inspire the employer into hiring the applicant, rather than responding to a known possibility of a job In order to tailor a resume and cover letter to a specific company, it is vital to understand the way in which the organization has created its persona as an employer. As an example, the Nike company emphasizes a healthful existence and promotes

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