Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sudanese Girl Photography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sudanese Girl Photography - Essay Example It is in this regard that photography can be used to present real objects and events which cause responses among viewers that are analogous to the experience of the actual event as presented by the photograph. This photo plays a communicatory role and significance of trauma in the African soil which is caused by famine and the resultant poverty and disease which has left many dead including innocent children. Carter’s photo communicates effectively without any form of verbal mediation (Ryan, 2006). This is illustrated by the fact that there is no supplementary message to explain the events which occurred in a desert in Sudan. The photograph is imagery with a frail young child with an approaching vulture. The surrounding demonstrates a desert with all dryness which further reveals the desperate situation which innocent children on the African soils are facing (Wittliff, 2008). Even through Carter’s photograph has been described as artistic perfection, the social cultural and moral feelings which emanate from the work of art reveal a desperate situation which would have been prevented. It is in this regard that photographic communication is seen as a powerful tool which would communicate messages that cause psychological trauma and a sense of human desperation (Ryan, 2006). ... This photography was very important to the photographer and significant to an extent that the psychological trauma that it elicited caused him to commit suicide later on (Wittliff, 2008). This photograph has played a significant role in the portraying photography as a powerful work of art which if presented well can communicate volumes in the most effective and psychosocially stimulating. Mona Lisa Mona Lisa is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci which represents one of the most famous works of art in the world. This is demonstrated that the painting has been described as the most visited, viewed, written and sung about painting in the world (Lukehart, 2005). This painting presents a composition with monumental value. This is through the expression of the subject within the painting in the most enigmatic way and therefore attracting fascination and interest in da Vinci’s work or art by millions across the world. The talent which da Vinci illuminates with through this painting has sparkled mysteries and debates on Mona Lisa and as a result causing increased interest within the audience (Radan, 2009). The painting has been one of the greatest mysteries especially as pertaining to the identity of the subject. Additionally, the nature of the subject’s smile has caused mysteries and mixed thoughts. The painting is set within a mountainous landscape which illustrates the artist’s ability to resent heavily shaded model in the softest manner. The figure of the woman within the painting and her expression are the most significant feature of the painting. The expression of Mona Lisa has been described as being both aloof and alluring (Radan, 2009). This is the

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