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Introduction to people at work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Introduction to people at work - Essay Example They also have people management skills and are very decisive in nature. Training in business management is just sharpening the rough edges. Most of what makes a sales and marketing person is inborn. It cannot actually be taught and, after an in-depth search of myself, I realize I possess the qualities required for one to be a marketer. For an employer to be able to create and maintain a healthy environment at the work place, one needs to understand what the employees want, and find out what motivates them. As a potential employee and having worked before, there are some factors that are important to me when it comes to seeking a job in the future. As a marketer, being in control of my work and having room to make my own decisions is top of my list. Huck, Kubler & Weibull (2003, p.67) agree that marketing is a dynamic field and the strategies change depending on the current market forces. With this in mind, working in an environment filled with mutual support from those that I work w ith, and with respect is very important. This is because success in the sales and marketing department in any organization translates to great wins for the whole organization. I would also want to work for an organization that supports my values, and that promotes the values that make me the individual that I am. Additionally, I enjoy working with people, a factor that reinforces my choice of career bearing in mind that a marketer is a people’s person (Riches, 2003, p56). Lastly, career progression is yet another factor that will influence my choice of employer (Tiernan, 2006, p.15-23). Journal Entries Entry 1 During the second week, and during the class activity where we were required to decide between three courses of action, I confirmed that I am an independent thinker. Additionally, I discovered that I am not swayed by group dynamics, and that I am also concerned about how I relate with my colleagues. In essence, my choice for that particular class activity was the third and last choice. Mullins (2010, p.53-56) has discussed the importance of working in groups, and about culture and norms in the work place. The author talks about how pressure influence individuals to act in a certain way. Despite the pitfalls that come with working as a group at the work place, I discovered team work also has its advantages. One such advantage is that, through group work, one can be able to share difficult and unpleasant tasks with others. Additionally, groups give one a sense of belonging, and are a source of companionship (James & Anthony 2011 pp.90-96). This idea of group dynamics inspired me to read more on theories that propagated my initial attitude. I discovered that there are a few theoretical frameworks that were supporting my decision to stay silent, and to refuse to join my workmates in cheating time in between shifts. According to QUT (2011 pp.06-16), ethical egoism is a theory that states that a person should act in a way that maximizes his or her self interest and that a person should only act based on the interests of others only when its suits that person’s own interests. This means that a person’s actions are driven by a need to promote one’s interests or well being. After going through the week’s topic, and as I try to work in a group, I have learned new ways of handling problems. Lindemann (2012) writes about utilitarianism. This theory states that, an action can only be thought

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