Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Case Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case Summary - Essay Example Helen must also become an attentive listener. F. Leigh Branham, the CEO of human resources consultancy Keeping the People, thinks that Sambians employees need a forum in which they can speak openly about their discontent. The candid discussions can expose the "triggering events" that impel people to leave, such as a disconnect between the firms long-standing focus on innovative design and a more recent concern with profitability. Jim Cornelius, the chairman and CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb, once faced a potential employee exodus as interim CEO of the pharmaceutical company. He advises Helen to meet face-to-face with her most talented employees and assure them that she understands their concerns and desires. Jean Martin, the executive director of the Corporate Executive Boards leadership council, urges Helen to support a mission and culture to which employees will feel connected. She explains that although people join companies for rational motives, they stay for emotional ones. By the time unhappy workers tell their managers whats going on, its often too late. In this case study, an architectural firm has begun losing valued talent. But departing employees arent giving specific reasons for their defection. The company must determine how to stop the exodus. Readers will explore questions such as how the CEO can play a stronger role in retaining top talent, how to create a safe environment for employees to express complaints, and how to make leaders throughout the organization more accountable for attracting and retaining talent. There are trying times when businesses face enormous challenges in their normal operations. These challenges could be caused by circumstances like impacts of global warming, global economic depression and so on. Such catastrophes do have far reaching negative effects on the usual operation of the

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