Sunday, September 8, 2019

Organizational Buyer Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organizational Buyer Behavior - Essay Example A corresponding product specification is either developed or searched. Then Comes the step of searching for a supplier who can provide goods and / or services for the requirement. The suppliers are then sought for proposing the solutions for the needs of products or service. Based on Proposals a Supplier is selected. An Order routine is finalized. Performance is reviewed. Buying Center: There are often multiple decision makers involved in organizational purchases. This requires that the marketer is aware of the needs of the various Players involved in making decisions. Users: A user is the end consumer of a product. Influencers: An influencer is someone who has influence over what is purchased. Deciders: A decider is someone who ultimately has authority if or what to purchase. Buyers: A buyer is someone who arranges the transaction. Gatekeepers: A gatekeeper could include anyone in the organization who can control the flow of information. Factors influencing Industrial Buyer Behavior (Telecommunication) There are various factors which influence the Buyer Behavior. Following are the factors which primarily influence the selection of a Supplier for leading telecom companies in Telecommunication market: 1. Data on reliability of the product : Proof of reliability about the suppliers company and its transmission products is of utmost importance. 2. Technical capability: the kind of technical capabilities to accommodate future product developments and enhancements also plays an important role in deciding about the supplier. 3. Ease of Maintance: Most of the Telecom companies require pre usage steps to be done by the network providers (suppliers of the network) and therefore might have significant amount of... 4. Ease of Operation and Use: The supplier should be well equipped to provide the Know-how on operations and use and should also have inbuilt people and technical resources to accommodate any operations related request.

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