Friday, September 27, 2019

Define the socio-economic aspects that make Limoges distinctive Essay

Define the socio-economic aspects that make Limoges distinctive - Essay Example Its is at a physical as well as socio-economic defining moment. It has no way to make use the ocean, very less trains come to their stations and there airport is not even large enough for an airplane, Limoges largest industry is in cattle. ( Limoges has just seen a minor raise in its population due to positive migration balance. However it is still the most aged population in the whole of France, this has no effect on their socio-economic indicators. It consists of an urban region of 230 000 customers, their town centre has 137,502 residents, 12,942 organization as well as 66,610 employees. The rate of unemployment is fairly average which 8.5% is. 80 % consist of less than 50 employees and 5% of the organizations have more than 200 employees. With a population around 140,000. Its famous for its ceramics industry; the citys porcelain workshops employ more than 10,000 people ( Limoges consists of an intense network of diversified, high-performance SME-SMI and specializes in electricity, electronics, wood/furniture, ceramics, precision mechanics, plastics and cosmetics. The segment is the key employer in Limoges accounting for more than one third of the employees on industrial sites. It is open to original ideas and developing quickly; it is as well the area’s most important sector when it comes to terms of exports. Limoges is the seat of the Chamber of commerce and industry of Limoges and of High-Vienna which manages the AÃ ©roport of Limoges Bellegarde. It is also the seat of the Regional court of trade and industry the Limousin Poitou-Charentes (which manages Innov ia ( At the beginning of industrial growth in Limoges in the nineteenth century, this activity consists of two key areas of

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