Thursday, September 12, 2019

Write a research paper regarding the FDA health regulation about

Write a regarding the FDA health regulation about Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food - Research Paper Example In 1994, an outbreak of disease was seen across states because of contamination during transportation of ice-cream. Before this in 1974, corn fodder meant for animals was contaminated with lead monoxide during transportation as well . Such instances shows that improper transportation has detrimental health impacts on the consumers (Prishable logistics,2011). In 1999, the congress enacted the SFTA. SFTA directed the department of Transportation to prescribe regulations against and protection of these food and food additives from harmful transportation of food and food additives. Followed by this the FDA also released the FSMA act according to which food facilities should have a plan to prevent food contamination, protect food from bioterrorism, recognize potential hazards and take steps to address the same and lastly monitor the entire procedure of food production and transportation and to correct anomalies if present as well. In 2013, the FDA also put its focus on transportation of food meant for animals including pet food and food meant for livestock or food-producing animals since following the 1974 occurrence when contaminated fodder led to disease outbreak among animals. The procedure followed by the facilities that manufacture such handle, handle and transport them is the same as those facilities producing food for human consumption. The most important thing that the FDA primarily concentrated is on not only the safe and hygienic transportation of food but also on its purity. Purity of food means that it is free from any kind of contamination and adulteration since both of these are harmful in nature. Often during food transportation inadequate facilities are provided and such ill-handled food is often found to be adulterated and through the regulation the FDA aims at mitigating food safety risks. Safe transportation of human and animal food is of major concern for the FDA. The FDA reports

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