Thursday, September 26, 2019

Work shop activity .Words and Words formation Essay

Work shop activity .Words and Words formation - Essay Example For instance, some students find it tricky to retrieve single words especially nouns, adjectives, calendar dates, verbs and general numbers. For this reason, it is very difficult for them to respond comfortably to questions that require them to use facts in arguing their points out (Finch, 2000). This does not mean they lack information about the question but instead are not good at clearly distinguishing characters, places, numbers and other facts. In some cases commonly referred to as discourse retrieval contexts, students find it difficult to take part actively in discussions, which relate to some events or some experiences in life (Finegan et al, 1992). A lexeme is a language unit, which bears lexical meaning in that in whichever form they appear, they bear a common meaning. Lexeme derive its origin from language morphology because a lexeme word or phrase helps people understand a concept which links to that word even though they write and express it differently. Since a lexeme reduces a word, it makes it easy for people who have difficulties in word definition to get a basic meaning of such words. For instance, a word like water in simple terms is a noun. The same word can be a verb to mean the act of giving water to something for example plants. It makes it easy for a student to remember words and quickly fix them in their right context (Yule, 2010). Lexeme makes it easy for learners to understand and compare words. For instance, medical processing uses a series of scientific terms. Unless students are good at such terms, they cannot understand the medical products. The use of lexeme acts as a bridging factor since it reduces the differences of language representation (Schendi, 2003). Similarities that stem from perception have a hug role in learning especially during the early stages of language development in children because it enables them in grouping objects to a particular category thus supporting them in identifying the name

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